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AccessAbility Arts interview (Ellie Bradshaw)

Welcome to the first ever AccessAbility Arts interview! I'm delighted to be able to shine a light on the fantastic work being done by inspiring women and multicultural groups in the sphere of art and accessibility. These interviews will provide an opportunity for our followers to get to know people who are passionate about their work, and inspire change so that our world is striving for equality.

I spoke to Ellie Bradshaw. Ellie is a true inspiration. She has gone from being an aspiring actress to running her own health clinic and hosting the Decana Podcast. In this exclusive interview, she shares her story of how she got to where she is today and the struggles she has overcome. From her early days of acting, to the challenges of setting up her own clinic, and the passion for health and wellness that drives her every day. Ellie talks about how her experiences have taught her resilience, self-belief, and the importance of giving back to the community. She also provides advice for those starting out on their own journeys and encourages us all to take the leap into something new. If you're on Instagram, give her a follow

Here is the interview

Daniel: You told me you used to act. Can you tell everyone what you were in?

Ellie: I grew up doing musical theatre, so I was Dorothy in the wizard of oz, Maria in west side story, I played little orphan Annie! As I grew I was more into straight acting and loved being in classical plays, Shakespeare is my absolute favourite!

Daniel: Have you got a favourite Shakespeare play?

Ellie: I love Othello, it’s quite blood thirsty and visceral yet so emotionally poignant - jealousy is such an interesting emotion - people pretend they don’t have it in public but it’s such a universal thing - it’s considered an unacceptable feeling. it takes work and self development to look at it and undermine it.

Daniel: What advice would you give to a young woman interested in pursuing a career in acting?

Ellie: Bring your passion to your work, enjoy it and understand the rejection of the industry is no reflection on you, it’s the nature of the beast. I’d also say think outside the box in terms of how to network with the right people in the industry - unfortunately it’s how the whole industry works, so being able to be creative, confident and a little cheeky with getting your foot in the door goes a long way!

Daniel: We all know how important it is to look after our mental health, so tell us, do you have any strategies you use to maintain positive mental health in your daily life?

Ellie: I monitor my self talk. We all have a tendency to speak badly to ourselves and be hard on ourselves. Being kind to me makes the biggest difference, as well as prioritising my mental health with mediation and I’m getting better about creating healthy boundaries in my life too.

Daniel: You said you’re a studious person. What positives do you get from being like that?

Ellie: I love to study. I love to learn and quiet time by myself helps me to recharge.

Daniel: Have you got a favourite subject you like learning about?

Ellie: No! I think I love finding new things I have no idea about. Maybe things which help me understand people better, I find that most useful as a life skill.

Daniel: You also said you studied Chinese medicine. I don’t like prescription medicine, so can you tell the readers what are some of the most promising benefits of using what society has deemed to be alternative medicine like this?

Ellie: Chinese Medicine has been used for centuries for healing many many conditions, it doesn’t come with side effects and we aim to address the root of the issue rather than just address symptoms, meaning that it won’t come back. It’s about prevention and management of health and looking a your body and your mind as one, being under the weather mentally affects our physical health and vice versa. I think looking at health like this is the biggest thing it can offer society today.

Daniel: Tell us a bit about Paolo? You’ve told me when we talk (we talk everyday) how nice he is. Just expand on that and tell everyone what he’s like.

Ellie: He’s an old soul 😊 we met at university, he is the kindest person and we have grown together. We both had big dreams so it’s essential to have the most supportive relationship to make room for each others journey. He’s wonderful.

Daniel: Are there any unique challenges and rewards you and Paolo have experienced while owning a health clinic?

Ellie: It’s hard providing a therapy a lot of people don’t understand and therefore don’t believe in. It’s hard having your work minimised and questioned. It’s rewarding watching people heal from things they’ve had for so long and thought they’d live with forever.

Daniel: We got to know each other through your podcast, Decana (I highly recommend watching this on YouTube). You’ve told me why you picked that name, but just tell the readers why. And how has that been for you so far?

Ellie: It’s been a whirlwind! Decana is Italian, the masculine equivalent is decano and means a man who is an expert or a leader in a particular field. However the feminine word, Decana is not used or even widely known - people think it’s a type of pear! So I wanted to take that word and run with it to showcase the evidence of the incredible women and female identifying people killing it in their respective fields.

Daniel: How have your family and friends supported you through your journey?

Ellie: They’ve been amazing. Whatever I do, I know they’re behind me. I’m incredibly privileged in that way and try to bring this to others in my life.

Daniel: You said you were Buddhist. I feel closer to this religion than any other religion. Can you tell us why Buddhism? And what do you think are the most important values that a Buddhist should strive to live by?

Ellie: Buddhism is all about compassion. It’s about looking outside of obsessive self concern and thinking of others experiences, which I’ve found is THE best way to alleviate my own mental pain, as well as helping others. It’s a win win!

Daniel: What was Berkshire like growing up?

Ellie: Quiet 😂 it’s quite rural, I was a very quiet child and it’s only been later on I’ve started to ‘live out loud’!

Daniel: And lastly. We all need to relax, chill, and switch off sometimes. So how do you relax?

Ellie: I go to the cinema 🎥 love it because I can’t do anything else - I’ve no choice but to get absorbed into it and get lost in the story.

If you have liked this interview and would like to see more interviews, please feel free to contact and share your thoughts. Also, if you know anyone who fits the category, and you think they'd be interested, let me know 🏳️‍🌈

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