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Daniel Kay puts exceptional thought into his writing. When working with the romance genre, Daniel can gently break your heart and piece it back together again before you even feel the hurt. He delicately tackles the indecisions of love and life and how they entwine. He is honest and raw with words that want to be seen but won’t be something they aren’t to make you see them. Just like him, Daniel’s poetry is soft and strong all at once, with a special appreciation for positivity in any situation.

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Daniel is an incredible poet. His language crafting and imagery is rich, his themes are strong. It is an honour to know someone with such powerful words.

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Since celebrating on a project which produced a video with poetry and music I have come know a inspirational poet. Daniel Kay, despite adversity, reaches out with heart and insight to all people, of which I am one.

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Mal Dewhirst

Staffordshire Poet Laureate 2012/2013

Daniel Kay lives on a street called Summer, his poetry seeks to find a positive view of his world, whilst making a stand against the detractors who can’t see the sunbeams that Daniel knows are in everything. Daniel crafts his words with a considered insight, giving the reader the clarity of his thinking and the times in which we live.   

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I like Daniel’s poetry mainly because of its unashamed optimism. Through the lens of his own experience, Daniel is able to convincingly carry his audiences with him through his own joys and pains, sharing the observations he’s gathered along the way. I appreciate the way he is able to consistently infuse his work with the simple, yet immensely powerful notion that generosity, kindness, and understanding are ideals worth articulating and revering, no matter the circumstance. From the very first time Daniel performed at one of my ‘Speak Your Peace’ poetry readings, to the day I sat down to read his first collection of poems, I have always found something very accessible and endearing about his commitment to that sentiment. Each of his poems is a tiny uplifting experience unto itself.

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Daniel has a wonderful ability to spotlight important topics and address them in sensitive and emotive ways. His optimism and love for people and nature shine through each line of his poetry, which is often brought to life by the beautiful images that accompany his words.

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The honesty and passion in Daniel's poetry is there for all to see and hear. It's lovely to see his heart on his sleeve ... and the smile on his face.

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Daniels poetry is so beautiful; every poem pulls you into his words into the depth of what he is expressing.  They paint a landscape of art with poetry. Daniel is very talented and a well-respected member of the poetry community. I admire his work, and his determination to overcome his own past life experiences is really inspiring.

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